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Office of Field Experience and Clinical Practice

Field experiences are an integral part of the teacher education program at Northwestern State University. Opportunities are provided for teacher education majors throughout their professional education courses to observe in a variety of instructional settings. Specific course requirements and materials are made available on course *Moodle* shells.

NSU works closely with partner schools to provide high quality observation/participation experiences.

Resources for Current Candidates:

Clinical Practice


Candidates are to submit an Application for Residency/Student Teaching form the semester before the anticipated beginning of enrollment in residency/student teaching.

Application deadlines:

March 1 for Fall and October 1 for Spring

During pre-registration or regular registration, applicants must request registration through the Office of Teacher Candidacy and Certification. Applicants may request to enroll in 3 additional semester hours above the required 12 student teaching hours. Additional hours requested must be scheduled to begin after regular student teaching hours.

Resources for Residency/Student Teacher Applicants:


Candidates are to submit an Application for Internship form the semester before anticipated enrollment in the two-semester Internship in Teaching.

Application deadlines:

March 1 for Fall Internship and October 1 for Spring Internship

During pre-registration or registration, applicants for internship must request registration through the Office of Teacher Candidacy and Certification. All coursework (with the exception of EDUC 5010 and EDUC 5950) must be completed in order to register for Internship in Teaching.

Resources for Current Candidates:

  • Internship Application (see bottom of application on form for options to submit; if submitted electronically, save form as PDF, title with LASTNAMEInternshipApplication; e-mail to wynderr@nsula.edu

Supervision of Clinical Practice

Academic Calendar

Academic calendars are located on the Office of the Registrar homepage.